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Kissing Or No Kissing ~ Whom Will You Save Your Kisses For? gives direct answers to the most pressing questions millions of single women have regarding one of the most elusive achievements of their lives: the establishment, and most importantly, the continuity of a long-term monogamous relationship.

While being more successful than ever in their professional life, women are at a loss when it comes to building the relationship they put off in favor of their career. How could they have known they would encounter more failures than success when the time would come for them to start a family? How can that be? Why can't they win when it comes to relationships?

Kissing Or No Kissing addresses issues such as feelings of love and attachment while dating, and how to keep in focus women's greatest goal regarding relationships: meeting a complementary partner with whom they can build a long-term relationship leading to marriage and possibly parenthood.

Kissing Or No Kissing will help women relate in healthy ways with the men they choose to date by giving women the opportunity to capture loving, caring and responsible interpersonal life and dating skills. Women will learn how to migrate from toxic men to healthy men. Dr. Pat Allen, co-author of Getting To "I Do" and Staying Married and Loving It, writes the foreword.

The perfect follow up to the number one best seller book He's Just Not That Into You, by Gregg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, which has helped millions of women understand that they have been wasting their time on unworthy men, Kissing Or No Kissing teaches women how to reclaim their feminine power in the dating arena, and gain control over their romantic life.


About Fléchelle Morin

After working as a public relations specialist in the movie industry during the mid-80s, Fléchelle became CEO of her own computer consulting firm where she excelled as a solution provider to Fortune 500 companies for more than a decade. Her varied background (which includes a short stint as a fashion model in her early 20s) made Fléchelle an accomplished communications specialist.

Capitalizing on her knowledge, combined with her extensive dating experience, Fléchelle recognized the need for guidance in the singles community and decided to redirect her focus to help singles get into committed relationships. Her gifted no-nonsense common sense along with her exceptional sense of humor mixed with compassion and love make her a refined motivational speaker, and allow her to give down-to-earth dating advice, making her a most needed and appreciated dating and relationships solution provider.


About the book

Back Cover

You will learn how to unveil and master the secrets of dating in order to fulfill your dream of engagement and marriage. Kissing is very intimate and powerful.

A woman needs a lot of inner strength to keep a kiss from developing into something more. Find out how to keep your head clear from the cloud of “feeling in love” in order to consciously select the right mate for you. Kissing Or No Kissing will take you from being a dating hopeful to an engaged woman in less time than you could ever think possible!

You will discover and master:

  • How to attract marriage-minded men
  • How to act as a marriage-minded woman
  • How to ensure a steady flow of dates
  • How to relate to good men and date them for keeps
  • How to negotiate and get into an engaged relationship


You will believe... a woman can survive, and thrive, as both intelligent and strong... and feminine and chaste.—David W. Taylor, Entertainment Writer, Reality Reel Media

Inside Flaps

Are feelings of love and attachment more the result of a chemical reaction starting in the brain than a matter of the heart? Can we consciously override the emotional ups and downs of a love relationship? Can we mentally, logically, and emotionally be anchored within ourselves and stay focused long enough to choose the right mate for us? Can we create balanced and sane long-term relationships with men?

According to author Fléchelle Morin, we can override our instinctual responses to feelings of love, or lust, in order to get to our goal of being in a happy long-term monogamous relationship with a man whom we will have intellectually chosen as a husband.

In Kissing Or No Kissing ~ Whom Will You Save Your Kisses For?, Fléchelle explores the effects of the scientifically researched brain chemical oxytocin, along with women’s reactions to this powerful peptide when it is released in their blood stream through the action of touching, kissing, cuddling, and so on. Through a multitude of examples, Fléchelle underlines the unconscious choices women make as a result of the release of such a potent chemical. She points out the pitfalls of oxytocin bonding and, most especially, how to keep one’s head clear of the intoxication resulting from the effects of this wonderful and powerful “love drug.”

In healthy relationships, oxytocin is an important component in order to keep women bonded to their men, but according to Fléchelle, women would do better to keep their level of oxytocin at the lowest level possible until they have made a well informed decision about a man’s potential as a husband, and possibly as a father for their children, before falling “in love” with him.

Kissing Or No Kissing ~ Whom Will You Save Your Kisses For? is packed with easy to understand advice and solutions to every day dating dilemmas such as deciding which men you will allow to pursue and court you, where to meet men for the first time while staying safe when using Internet dating services, what to talk about, how to manage your time and energy and how to maximize your dating investment. You will learn how to interact consciously and appropriately with men and negotiate meaningful relationships with potential future husbands.

Kissing Or No Kissing ~ Whom Will You Save Your Kisses For? will have you saying: “I wish I would have read this book years ago!”

Get a hold of your destiny. Don’t let another day pass by without being armed with the wealth of knowledge you will gain from reading Kissing Or No Kissing ~ Whom Will You Save Your Kisses For? This book will most certainly change the way you look at dating and how you interact with men in general, and will especially bring you closer to realizing your dream of marriage and to creating your very own family.


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