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The No Kissing Interview
Recording Studio – daytime – early in the morning…

Stewart: One of our guests this morning is Fléchelle Morin. Good morning Fléchelle, welcome to our show.

Fléchelle: Good morning.

Stewart: Former CEO turned Dating Specialist… What made you make that transition?

Fléchelle: A few years ago, I saw the business of dating as an emerging business for the future. I therefore decided to investigate this growing business and learn more about the dater’s needs.

Stewart: What did you find out?

Fléchelle: I found that the dater’s needs are pretty basic on the surface – What should I wear? Should I call her to confirm our dinner date? Should I call him to thank him for a great evening? However, deep down, daters need help with fundamental behavioral changes.

Stewart: Wow, what type of fundamental behavioral changes are we talking about?

Fléchelle: For example, for the women who are hearing their biological clocks ticking and are wanting to find a husband in order to start a family, I am helping them to first break their old dating habits, which have only taken them so far to short-lived casual relationships, and to embrace new and healthy dating practices. If a woman wants to build a foundation to grow a long-term viable relationship with a man, she has to discipline herself (easier said than done), and stay focused on her goal. I help women get what they want and need from their relationships of choice with men.

Stewart: In your book Kissing or No Kissing ~ Whom Will You Save Your Kisses For?, you tell women they would do better not to kiss the frogs, and wait for their princes. Don’t you think this is a little bit extreme in this day and age?

Fléchelle: Along with my suggesting that women stay clear of the frogs, I also tell them that it is okay to kiss the frogs if they want to, but to do it with a lucid mind; they should not lose sight that they are, in fact, only kissing a frog. I am hoping to help women keep their focus on their wish to be married to a prince and stop fantasizing that the frog they have hooked up with might someday turn into one.

Stewart: Why is it bad for women to fantasize?

Fléchelle: It is bad for women to fantasize if they are in their mid-thirties and forties, and they want to be married and start a family. They have no time to lose. If they would have been more choosy in their twenties and early thirties, maybe they would now be married with a family of their own.

Stewart: So you are not exactly against kissing?

Fléchelle: No, not at all. I simply want women to keep the prospects of their goals even while rubbing elbows with the frogs. We all know a woman or two who have been dating the wrong guy for ten years or so and found themselves still single and far from being a member of the married club.

Stewart: Can you tell us more about the “No Kissing Plan?”

Fléchelle: The “No Kissing Plan” is like a diet for weeding out the wrong men. Not that they are wrong within themselves, but they are men who for whatever reason, do not want to marry and start a family in the allotted amount of time the woman has. In kissing and cuddling, most women will start bonding to a man; any man, good or bad. By postponing kissing and cuddling, women have better chances to walk away from the men who are not on the same page they are. It weeds out the non-serious contenders.

Stewart: Okay, I understand. But how would a woman go about it? She simply tells a man “I am on the No Kissing Plan,” or “I don’t kiss men?”

Fléchelle: There are many ways a woman can let men know what she wants and needs before she gives herself and her kisses away. One of the ways I suggest women to go about this is to wait for the man to ask her for a kiss. Then, and only after the man has asked for it, can she tell him that she doesn’t feel comfortable with casual kissing. Of course, the man is going to be taken aback. Most men today are being offered sex by women, or they are being asked if they’re gay for not asking women to have sex by the third date. Usually, the man will ask her what she means by “casual kissing.” I suggest women tell their dates that they are looking for a husband and simply do not feel comfortable kissing a man who is just a date. The man might ask her what she needs in order to feel comfortable kissing. Then she can tell him that being in a committed relationship leading to marriage with a formal engagement would make her feel safe enough that she is not kissing a frog! Most men have a good laugh at the “not kissing a frog” comment, especially if the woman keeps it light and breezy and has conviction in her beliefs. They’ll go home thinking they have just met someone pretty special.

Stewart: Well, I have no doubt that you are onto something really interesting here, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Good luck with your book.

Fléchelle: Thank you.

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