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December 1st, 2006


Men are as good as women require them to be.


What is respect? Respect is to take notice of; to regard with special attention; to regard as worthy of special consideration; hence, to care for; to heed.

Is respect an old-fashioned value to be relegated to the past? How important is the practice of respect while dating? Why is it so important to respect the men you date?

Respect is one of the basic values that transcend men into gentlemen. Respect wins over physical intimacy when men make the decision whether or not to marry a woman. As much as a woman feels loved and cherished when being protected and provided for by the man in her life, the man in return feels honored, loved and accepted when he receives respect from the woman in his life. A man will cherish a woman only if he feels respected by her.

A learned & practiced value

Being respectful is learned and practiced. Men will do much for respect. You will get more positive responses from men if you hold a genuine respect towards them in your heart. Respecting the men you date will allow the true flow of generosity and cherishing from these men to flourish towards you.

Men love women and want to please them. A little respect goes a long way with men. Your respect will give men the approval they need in order to do more for you. Try it! You have much to gain.

Here are a few tips on how to be respectful with the men you date:

• Try not to be competitive. Winning is nice, but being loved is nicer.

• Do not criticize his leadership. If you do not like the way he courts you, find another man who will give you what you want and need.

• Do not talk negatively about his friends or family. If you do not like his friends or family, chances are you will not like him much either when you get to know him better.

• Use the words yes, please and thank you as much as possible, unless what he is asking or wanting you to do would conflict with your morals and values.

• Be gracious and appreciative. Men feel respected when women are appreciative of what they do for them. Even if your date offers you to be intimate with him, do not forget to thank him for the offer before telling him that you are looking for a husband and not a roll in the hay (no matter how charming he is!)

• If you bash men, stop! It is a bad habit that will not bring you happiness. You will have much to gain when you refrain from "men bashing". Men sense women who are disrespectful and they stay away. On the positive side, kicking this habit will allow you to meet great men. How bad can that be?

• Try practicing admiration on your dates. Yes, you heard me right - admiration. Smile tenderly while giving your undivided attention to the man when he talks to you. You will gain tremendously by giving your admiration to a man. Practicing this subtle but very important principle with the men you date may very well turn them into the kind of men you say you never meet.

Actions speak louder than words

By your actions and sincere respect, you will compel the men you date to act in ways which will allow them to grow love and respect for you.

If you want to find a man worthy of being your husband and deserving of your love, respect yourself by keeping your commitments. Do not settle for anybody less than the man serious enough to put a ring on your finger and tell the world about his commitments towards you.

Remember, men are as good as women require them to be. Do your part and you will discover there really are good men out there.

Fléchelle Morin, relationship & dating specialist and motivational speaker, is the author of the book "Kissing Or No Kissing; Whom Will You Save Your Kisses For? A Dating Guide To Creating Your Dreams." You can send your questions or comments by email at

For more on this subject or to learn more about Fléchelle and her dating philosophy, visit her website at

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